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What if Company Slogans were finally honest?

Cliff Dickens Honest Slogans site is a treasure trove of corporate truth.

Find out some of the best Honest Company Slogans!

1| Lego

lego slogan

2| Pepsi

pepsi slogan

3| Instagram

instagram slogan

4| Ugg

ugg slogan

5| Wikipedia

wikipedia slogan

6| Danone Activia

danone activia slogan

7| Hollister

hollister slogan

8| Yelp

yelp slogan

9| Starbucks

starbucks slogan

10| Lays

lays slogan

11| Maybelline

maybelline slogan

12| Kickstarter

kickstarter slogan

13| The North Face

the north face slogan

14| Toblerone

toblerone slogan

15| Buzzfeed

buzzfeed slogan

16| Tinder

tinder slogan

17| Old Spice

old spice slogan

18| Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters slogan

19| Monopoly

monopoly slogan

20| Ikea

ikea slogan

21| Gillette

gillette slogan

22| Netflix

netflix slogan

23| iTunes

itunes slogan

24| Victoria’s Secret

victoria secret slogan

25| Men’s Health

means health slogan

26| LinkedIn

linkedin slogan

27| Ben & Jerrys

ben & jerrys slogan

28| Google

google slogan

29| Adobe

adobe slogan

30| YouTube

youtube slogan

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